Our Team

Founding Executive Director

Desarie Nicholas, LMSW is a Grenadian social worker and alumni of the St. Joseph’s Convent (St. Andrew). She graduated from Hunter College (Class of 2016) Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Desarie also minored in Africana, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies. Desarie’s philanthropic work began as a Helpline Intern at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) in NYC. There she began to hone in on her counseling skills and the importance of empathy in helping others to make change in their lives. As a psychology major, Desarie discovered the major role that scientific research plays in shaping human lifestyles. She developed a strong interest for research and became a volunteer at The New York Methodist Hospital as a Research Assistant in their sleep study center.

Desarie’s passion for health and wellness led her to pursue a Master’s degree in social work at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College(Class of 2018); there she was able to refine her research & counseling capabilities and take a closer look at the problems facing underserved and overlooked populations. She completed her graduate studies specializing in ‘Health and Mental Health’ and ‘World of Work’. Desarie is now a dually licensed Social Worker who serves in low-income, and underserved communities working to combat the systematic issues that plague these populations through clinical and community-focused work. Desarie is also a Grant Writer and Researcher at EduSols LLC, a start-up dedicated to empowering black scientific researchers. She founded CariCope Wellness Alliance in response to a great need for Wellness Work to be done in the Caribbean in order to combat the stigma that exists around mental health. Desarie is a strong believer in the words of her alma mater; “Mihi Cura Futuri ~ the Care of the Future Is Mine.”

Operations Director

Sherise Thomas is a host, entrepreneur and mystic who helps others turn their depths, pain and inner resources into outer ones and see their true value in this world.
Sherise Thomas was born and raised in Grenada and is a past top student of St. Joseph’s Convent (St. Andrew). Sherise has a diverse background in business management and leadership with years of experience and training as a team-builder and performance achiever at Canadian retail giants. Sherise believes in the importance of being a powerful leader who values every team member, and is a strong advocate for safe spaces, self awareness and spiritual wellness. 
Sherise wears many hats but what ties them all together is her passion for expansion, inclusion and growth; not only for herself but for everyone around her.
Sherise has now added Transformational Life Coach to her diverse resumé and helps many reach new heights through spiritual healing, career fulfillment and creative monetization. She is also the host of the ground-breaking podcast, The Growth Project,
where she continues to educate and foster conversation around the issues that most would like to keep dormant.

CariCope Coaches

Danielle Greer, MACCP is a Trinbagonian psychotherapist with a Master’s in Clinical and Community Psychology. Having graduated Magna Cum Lade with a Bachelor’s in psychology from St George’s University, she took her experience into the schooling system, where she found a love for teaching and guiding adolescents. With this experience she went on to pursue her Master’s in the hope to serve LGBT youth in the region. Danielle is skilled in developmental vouching and has a passion for self work, coping skills, guidance and support. Danielle uses an integrative approach to effectively customize goal plans for each client.

Lauren Mohammed, MACCP is a psychologist from Trinidad and Tobago. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons) from the University of the West Indies in 2017, and then a Master’s in Clinical-Community Psychology from St. George’s University in 2020. Lauren currently offers pro bono psychotherapy services to LGBTQ+ populations and conducts neurodevelopmental assessments on children as a research assistant in Grenada. Lauren is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, and she is passionate about discussing how mental health stigma impedes persons from seeking help. She believes in the power of holistic interventions and endeavors to look at social issues from many different angles in order to generate efficacious solutions. Lauren often utilizes an integrative approach to mental health coaching, combining elements multiple coaching techniques to connect with her clients and to impart useful coping strategies.

Terri Sylvester, MSc is a Grenadian psychologist with a Master’s in General Psychology. She holds a BSc in Psychology from the St. George’s University and an MSc from the University of South Wales. She has been a member of the  Lions Club International Foundation for the past 6 years, engaging in tremendous community service projects.Terri has always had a heart of service; this recognized by those in her community, as she is often led to volunteer her time. Hence the reason she chose to further her studies to become an expert in her field to provide the quality of care she believes her people deserve. She believes that our purpose on earth is to be of service to others, to lift up and help each other grow. Hence, she has considered a career in Psychology, specific to the biopsychosocial health of individuals. Terri’s favorite quote is from Epictetus who was a Greek Stoic philosopher “People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.”  With this quote she wants us to remember that our mindset will influence how we act and feel, and therefore if we strive to stay positive we will bear positive fruits. 

Leon Cherry, BSc is a Saint Lucian mental health service provider and a graduate of the University of the West Indies (U.W.I), St. Augustine Campus, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During his undergraduate studies, he served on the International Affairs Committee (I.A.C), a subcommittee of U.W.I’s student government and on the Student Senate where he collaborated in coordinating student enrichment activities. He was also the Saint Lucian Student Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s (Lusatt) Vice President before becoming President where he largely focused on being an ally to Saint Lucian students in addressing their quality of life concerns. In recent years, Leon’s professional life has been dedicated to counseling children, teenagers and young adults. He works as a Counseling Intern at the Geunesse Insight Counseling Service and is also a member of the British Psychology Society. Leon’s goal is to improve access to quality education and affordable mental health services in Saint Lucia. In the pursuit of his graduate degree, he seeks to create access to affordable psychological and psychoeducational assessments and psychotherapeutic interventions to Saint Lucian Youth.

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