Mental Health

CariCope Wellness Alliance offers mental health coaching services to Caribbean people by Caribbean-born providers. Clients can rest assured that they will receive services from providers that understand our unique cultural norms in the Caribbean, while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Our careful matching system ensures that clients are placed with coaches who have a different nationality from each client. This matching system was born out of an awareness that many of the Caribbean islands have quite small populations that can lead to people often bumping into service providers while out in the community. With a CariCope Coach you can avoid these awkward scenarios and remain worry-free that your wellness journey remains private.

All coaching services are conveniently offered online.

Client Testimonials

Support those in need…

Help us to provide pro bono mental health coaching to those suffering from financial hardship. By making a contribution, you can sponsor 10 mental health coaching sessions for clients on our pro bono waiting list.

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